FAQ – Regarding Originals

FAQ – Frequently asked questions regarding Originals.

How do we send our originals/files to you?

Files can be sent to us via email if it is no larger than 20MB.
If the files are larger than 20 MB, they are to be sent to our FTP-server. Se more below about FTP.
Via CD, DVD or USB memory, please use WinZip to compress.

Login to our FTP-server when file is >20 MB

When the size of the file/files exceed 20 MB we use our FTP server.
To use it you need a Username and a Password, please contact us for this information.
Click here to log in to the FTP-server.

Which format can the pictures/originals have?

We handle a variety of different formats: .eps, .pdf, .tif, .ai, .psd, .indd, .jpg.
If you use Mac, please save the files for PC.

The best is if the original is vectorized (= meaning that the quality doesn´t change depending on the size).
Texts should be converted to vectorized graphics, then there won´t be a problem with missing fonts when printing.
If certain fonts are used then please attach these to the files that you send.

We welcome PDF-files!

We very much appreciate files that are in PDF format that are suitable for graphic processing.
We can provide a “Adobe import file” which is suitable for our printers and our digital environment, please contact: Mille Sundberg for further instructions and help.

Which resolution should the picture/original have?

DPI (dots per inch) DPI indicates the number of print dots per inch and is a measure of printing accuracy. We recommend at least 100dpi at a scale of 1: 1.