Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet 2024

Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet 2024

Venue  https://www.kistamassan.se/en/
Organizer https://www.samhallssakerhet.se/
Exhibitor information  Click here

Last day to order: Friday 16/2

Moving in:            Monday 18/3, 7am – 8pm
Moving out:         Wednesday 20/3, 4.30pm – 8pm

Goods handling: Costs for unloading, loading and handling of your incoming and outgoing goods are added according to applicable tariff at Workman Event.

Incoming:             Friday 15/3, 7am – 4pm
Outgoing:             Monday 18/3, 7am – 4pm

Height exposure:
This event does allow height exposure but it needs to be approved by Workman. Further information can be found in the exhibitorinformation.

Delivery address:
Your company name, stand number and phone number
Vågögatan 3
164 40 Kista

Workman Event Project Manager:
Henrik Axberg
+46 (0)72 600 63 67 Direct
+46 (0)8-410 356 60 Exchange